Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nice to meet you... or I guess for you to meet me!


I've been sitting here, staring at my blank screen, trying to figure out what in the world to say for my first post... such a daunting task! I guess I'll start with who I am & why I'm even doing this whole posting thing...

My name is Nicole~ I'm 28 & live in Chicago with my husband J & two pug puppies. My family moved around when I was little (Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania), but I really grew up in Michigan. I was one of those kids who was active in anything I could get my hands on, doing whatever sports (ok, that was more limited- I'm not exactly what you call coordinated) & clubs I could. While I was always creative, it took me a while to channel that energy in a way that didnt make me a social misfit (I had a really unfortunate big, flashy, ridiculous, attention-getting-but-not-in-a-good-way earring phase) in the crazy world of teenagers.

I went to college at University of Michigan, where I studied computers (I still don't really know how that happened - I meant to be a first grade teacher going in!) ~ I now have a 'normal' job where I work for a big company, sit in a cubicle, the whole works. And while my job is good/fine in a very normal & typical way, I want more. I want different than just fine.

I was recently talking to an old acquantance from high school, asking what his job is these days. He has one of those jobs that sounds pretty cool & I said so.... he said "It's ok, but I just do it so that I can afford to do what I really want in my free time." I mentioned this to someone & they said something about "that's really all you can hope for" and I thought NO! I want more than that. I need more than that! I want to spend my days in a way that excites me & feeds my spirit - does work have to feel like work?

So, that brings me to this blog... I know I want to do something creative with my life. But beyond that I am seriously stuck. What exactly will I be creating? That is a fantastic, still to be answered, question! I have lots of ideas crashing around in my head, so this is a chance for me to get my ideas out there in the open world. Not sure if anyone will read this, but I hope that if nothing else, this blog will help me to organize my thoughts & interests.

So as is typical with me, while I complain that I can't possibly have anything to share, once I get talking, you can't really stop me. I start many emails to friends with a 'sorry this is so long!' disclaimer. So, I think that is enough babbling about myself for now!

Thanks for reading... more to come soon!