Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holly Giftwrap

I always try to make sure that the gifts I pick for my family & friends are something they would like- ideally the kind of thing that they didn't even know they wanted or would never have bought for themselves! I am a big believer in the importance of making the outside of a gift look as special and unique as the gift inside... you want the first impression of your gift to hint at the fabulous-ness inside!

I came across this idea for Mistletoe Package Toppers in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living & thought it was adorable. The only thing that I didn't like is, who knows what Mistletoe looks like? I personally would never recognize a Mistletoe leaf or berry on it's own... unless it was hanging from the ceiling!

So I decided to take the idea & tweak it a bit... using Holly instead of Mistletoe. All it took was some green felt & red jingle bells.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Painting Project: Entry

I've been wanting to do something in our entryway for a bit, but haven't been quite sure what.

Plain painting just doesn't feel like it would be enough here... Nevermind that this area opens up to the living room just up the stairs, and I don't know what color I want there yet. Lately I've been loving graphic patterned wallpapers... but this being a rental, I don't know that I really want to mess with putting up and then tearing down wallpaper.

So I've decided to use a stencil & fake my own wallpaper. Now, if the word 'wallpaper' makes people cringe, I think 'stencil' is even worse- it makes me think of teddy bear borders. But I am inspired by the 'fauxpaper' Holly from decor8 featured here - a stencil will be the perfect way to get the repeating pattern I have in mind.

I couldn't find a stencil I liked, so just made my own (more info on how to do that later!). I started one corner & asked J what he thought- I knew it would be a lot of work, so wanted to make sure he wasn't completely opposed to the idea before I got too much done. Not that it would necessarily make me stop if he didn't like it...!
So J looked and reported back "It is so you"... I was thinking 'Perfect! That is just what I want people to think when they walk into my home!" And then he finishes: "Only you would pick something so tedious and time-consuming." Which I guess is also true- just not quite the response I was hoping for! I still think it will look cool when it's finished, so I'm soldiering on...

I'll post an update once I get it finished!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have a very Puggy Christmas

Every year I make my own Christmas Cards... I like making things, so even as crazy as this time of year is, I really try to make a point to get my cards done. Though some years I've sent New Year's cards instead!

Seeing as the Pugs are the big change in our lives this year, they are of course featured! (Bonus: J and I didnt have to agree on a picture of ourselves we liked.)

I decided to make it complicated by adding props- I had grand visions of the boys licking candy canes (which Boozer did, eventually), peeking their heads out of a wrapped 'gift' (Frank decided he was afraid of the box), and donning santa hats, but had to be a bit flexible.

The end product is shown here - the front of the card is above and the inside to the right. I printed all the text using my Gocco & took the pictures at home (using a hung sheet as a 'backdrop'). Deciding that using glue would be way too simple, I used my sewing machine to attach the front pictures. It ended up being a lot of work, but I think that the end result was worth it.

Hopefully our friends & family agree!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Primary Ingredient: Smiles

I'm love beautiful packaging... I have a tendency to buy gifts (especially the small, stocking stuffer variety) at least partly because I like how they look. I'm a total sucker for Creative/ gorgeous from the outside.

So, imagine my suprise when I came across the cutest thing today while snacking on some Goldfish crackers... check out the first ingredient in the picture here. HOW ADORABLE! Love it.

Have a happy weekend! Nicole

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We'll miss you, Pandora!

So sad- just went to Pandora to listen to music as I get work done this morning & found out that they're GONE! I guess they're not allowed to share music in the US anymore... so sad!

I need a new music site... Any other good suggestions out there??