Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have a very Puggy Christmas

Every year I make my own Christmas Cards... I like making things, so even as crazy as this time of year is, I really try to make a point to get my cards done. Though some years I've sent New Year's cards instead!

Seeing as the Pugs are the big change in our lives this year, they are of course featured! (Bonus: J and I didnt have to agree on a picture of ourselves we liked.)

I decided to make it complicated by adding props- I had grand visions of the boys licking candy canes (which Boozer did, eventually), peeking their heads out of a wrapped 'gift' (Frank decided he was afraid of the box), and donning santa hats, but had to be a bit flexible.

The end product is shown here - the front of the card is above and the inside to the right. I printed all the text using my Gocco & took the pictures at home (using a hung sheet as a 'backdrop'). Deciding that using glue would be way too simple, I used my sewing machine to attach the front pictures. It ended up being a lot of work, but I think that the end result was worth it.

Hopefully our friends & family agree!