Monday, November 5, 2007

About Me

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, serial crafter, and enthusiastic hostess who is always trying to improve myself, my surroundings, and my skillset. My mind is like a sponge for great ideas, and I am always looking around me for inspiration: I love to take an idea and implement it with my own personal twist. This blog is a little peek into my world and the ideas constantly swirling through my head... and when I find free time, the result of how those ideas come to life.

I live in Chicago with my husband J and two pugs, Frank & Boozer... though the midwestern winters are starting to wear on us, so that may change. My educational background is in computers and I have worked professionally as a consultant for almost ten years, but I dream of owning my own business, selling my creations. (What exactly will I create, you ask? That is still to be seen!)

Thank you so much for stopping by... I am so honored that you would let me share my world with you!


Jenn said...

Hi Nicole! I found your blog through the blogging your way class. I was flipping through homework assignments and I noticed we had a lot of blogs in common that we read, so I thought I'd pop over and say hi! :) Your pugs are completely adorable, btw. I was flipping through your posts -- have you had a chance to start up a biz? It's my goal to start up something by the end of the year (!) and would love to hear if you have and how it's going.

:) Jenn

Unknown said...

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