Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Handmade Holiday

As I yearn to start my own creative business, I realized that I actually need to start creating more. A lot of times you hear of people who got started because friends/family were raving about their homemade gifts... I decided that I need to start giving & making homemade gifts if I ever expect that to happen to me!

Plus, one of the great tips I picked up from the book
Craft, Inc* is that, if you want a craft business you need to treat your crafting as a business and set aside time for it. Which makes sense, but somehow the fun stuff always seems to get shoved aside in favor of my 'real' job, chores around the house, seeing friends... so it's time to get serious.

Seeing as the holidays are just around the corner (how in the world is Thanksgiving next week?!?!), my lucky family & friends will be receiving handmade gifts this year. Now to figure out what to make everyone! I came across the telented Amy Butler's supply of
free patterns online & I think I'm going to try and make the Sash with Beaded Fringe... I could see my mom looking adorable in it. And seeing as I keep meaning to learn how to sew a bit better, the practice will be good for me. I'll let you know how it goes!


*This book has been a really interesting read & had been getting rave reviews all over the web, so check it out if you're also looking to get crafty full time!