Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Started...

It is driving me nuts that I don't have this blog all formatted & pretty yet... I need to get a nice logo, background, style sheets, links to my favorite blogs & resources.

BUT, I am kinda proud of still posting before it is 'perfect'. I have a tendency to postpone progress until everything is just right & the stars are all aligned. Which explains why sometimes I never feel like I make much progress. As you can imagine, it is often difficult for everything to be 'just right', so I put off starting. I've put off diets & to-do lists because I hadn't created the necessary files/lists/tracking sheets that I wanted. Pure craziness.

So, while hopefully I get to making this look nice & more 'me' soon, for now I am proud of posting at all... and fighting my urge to avoid the not perfect. :)