Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet the Pugs!

After my last post I realized that I hadn't properly introduced Boozer & Frank... here they are:
The boys are brothers (from the same litter) and are 8 months old. I've been wanting a dog, a Pug specifically, for a loooong time, and this Spring J finally gave in (his words)/ realized what a fantastic idea it was (my words). We had heard that Pugs are very social creatures and need someone around all the time, so if you work it is good to get two to keep the other company. For some reason we bought into this logic, hence the two puppies at once. On one hand having two is great- they play with one another & cuddle together when they sleep. On the other hand it is crazy- not only twice as expensive (food, treats, vet), but everything is much more complicated... walking 2 dogs at once is not as easy as it would seem!

They tend to provide much of my entertainment on a daily basis (especially when I work from home & don't have much human contact!) so I'm sure you'll be hearing more about their antics!