Thursday, November 15, 2007

Painting Stripes

More on my Navy Walls drama later (not how it went from pure excitement to 'drama'?!), but I'm pretty pleased with how a different painting project turned out: a Stripe! I realize that people paint stripes all the time, but in general my paint edges aren't super clean (for some reason, taping seems to be incredibly difficult for me), so I have always been scared of attempting them.

I once read of a great trick on BeJane that gave me added confidence: rub some paintable caulk on the tape line & it will create a nice seal... so no paint will bleed underneath & you'll get a clean line!

Armed with my new laser level (yay! I am such a dork... I am seriously pumped about my new tool) I taped my lines, and then used my finger to rub the caulk onto the edge. After letting the caulk dry, I painted. Our whole apartment is painted in a very matte finish, so the caulk area was a bit noticeable at first, but two coats later it turned out like this:

Love it!

This is J's office area... I finished it off with a series of pictures above his desk, a couple from his hometown, a few from college & a Chicago one... kinda like his own mini 'Where I Come From' pictorial.

Hope that this tip helps someone else!