Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holiday "Cheer"

As we head into Thanksgiving, that means the Holiday Season is in full swing - we've all seen the Christmas displays in stores since Halloween! Every year I make Christmas cards for us to send out to family & friends. As you can imagine, they tend to reflect my personality a bit more than J's... but this year, he has decided he wants his own cards to send to his friends. This momentous decision was primarily brought about by his love of the 16 Sparrows "F*ing" Cards we saw at the Renegade Craft Fair this summer. Not exactly what I would send out to our grandparents, but definately J's sense of humor!

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I'm going into card-making mode. J has an idea that I think will actually turn out pretty cute- it involves sarcasm, the pugs, and a Christmas Sweater. Of course, he needs a fabulous Christmas Outfit to wear- we decided that a turtleneck with an embellished sweatshirt would fit the bill perfectly... the work in progress:

I'm trying to channel something a Grandmother would make as a gift. I actually started off wanting a big iron-on transfer (perhaps a big santa head? something mary engelbreit?), but shockingly couldn't find anything like that at Joann's. I was suprised- the only super 'crafty' designs I found there were in Cross Stitch. Who knew?! Made me think of the recent "Craft" discussion that was raging over at How about Orange...

I'll post an update once we get the finished product together!