Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrate with a Sparkle

I came across this idea at The Fancied & am loving it... who needs boring old candles for your cake when you can have sparklers (from Sea and Jae)?! I think I may need to order some '0' and '9' ones for this year's New Year's Celebration!

When searching for more sparklers, it appears that Europe is all over this trend. Just about every site I found had pricing in Euros... as cute as these are, I'm not ready to pay international shipping. Come to think of it, would it even be legal to order 'fireworks' from another country? I can imagine getting arrested... 'but Officer, I just wanted a super cute cake!'


i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you... said...

Love those. Just celebrated my best friend's 30th last weekend and I looked everywhere for sparkler candles let alone something other than the silly rainbow wax numbers. These would've been perfect. I love your idea of getting them to celebrate the new year.