Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revisited: Lucite Shelves

A while ago I posted about a gorgeous room I saw on decor8:

Beautiful Office
Office designed by Vanessa De Vargas

It seems as though people are stumbling upon that post when searching for 'lucite shelves' so I thought a revisit was in order... especially once I saw a recent post on Little Green Notebook about Plexi-Craft: how cute are these shelf options?!

Lucite Shelves

Top to bottom: Shelf with brackets (the most like the original photo) :: U Shelf (love it!)
Corner Shelf :: Simple Bent Shelf

As for the wallpaper in the background, these golden styles caught my eye:

Wallpapers in Gold

1) Divine : Purple and Gold Wallpaper
2) Desire: Teal Wallpaper
3) Pemberley : Gold Wallpaper
4) Knit: Cavern Home Knit Wallpaper

Though the original golden wallpaper was so pretty, I also love the idea of these shelves on a more colorful background like these:

Lovely Wallpaper
Left-to-right: Julia Rothman for Hygge and West: Daydream in Blue
Paeonia Wallpaper
Dotswold Wallpaper

If you see any pictures of this implemented (or do it yourself!), please share - I'd love to see it!