Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magnetic Art Idea

While staying at the adorable Boise Guest House, I loved the artwork hanging above the couch in our apartment (Boozer is also enjoying it!):

Magnetic Artwork Idea

Looking more closely, I realized that each individual square was actually a painted block (I'm pretty sure it was encaustic-style painting) with magnets on the back... what a cute idea to recreate at home! I love how the squares can easily be moved around, so your artwork can constantly be changing.

Magnetic Artwork Idea

Magnetic Artwork Idea
This could easily be recreated using a similar magnetic board - I am pretty sure that the metal board in the background is from Ikea, like this one. Get boards like these (I like the 4x4 size) or even some borderless frames and attache some strong magnets to the back. To decorate the squares, different patterned papers or wallpaper scraps would be great, or even just paint them different solid colors and this would also be cute with some favorite photos.

Such a simple (and inexpensive!) idea, but such a big impact... my kind of project!