Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supper Club: Game Night

I can't believe I am going to admit this, but my parents were right. See, when I was a teenager and my friends and I would complain that there is nothing to do, they'd suggest we play a game. And we'd roll our eyes and laugh and them, because that was just soooo dorky. Now, as an adult (when did that happen?!), I see the error of my ways and love a good Game Night!

The food part of a Game Night can be pretty simple, or you can focus on appetizers/ small plates that can be shared during the game playing.

Game Night

The favorite games among my friends?! Catch Phrase is always fun and is great for a group. I like that it is a good ice breaker if everyone doesn't know one another well. My personal favorite is Cranium Pop 5 - this game is so much fun, you must try it! In the original Cranium, you had to perform the task (hum, draw, sculpt, act) your team landed on while traveling around the board, but in this version you get to choose what to do - the creative freedom is hilarious!

PS - sorry I've been a bit MIA around here... but thanks for sticking around! I have big plans in store!!


MasterShake13 said...

This sounds great...Cranium is one of my favorites too! We just started doing a monthly Couples Game Night where we get together the first week of each month (we rotate houses to mix it up a bit, and the host house provides dinner, so we always get interesting cuisine), we have spinning wheels for small prizes like wine, we set a movie up on the projector, and just play games and hang out...it's so much fun, and inexpensive! Now, to get a camera and document our antics... :)