Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jonathan Adler at Barnes & Noble

As far as bookstores go, I'm partial to Borders. I just like the look & feel of their stores. I almost never go into Barnes & Noble- partially because I find the feel in there just a bit stuffy, partially because there really aren't any convenient BN's near my home or work.

Still, my Mother-in-Law has a nice one near her house, so went there before the holidays to get her a gift certificate as a stocking stuffer.

I am a sucker for cute 'impulse buys' stores place near the checkouts anyway, but there I spotted the adorable line of Barnes & Noble exclusive Jonathan Adler accesories!

The Words Umbrella especially is so cute... covered with rain-related words like "Cats and Dogs" and "Thunder" in an array of typefaces... I think I need to get one to help brighten rainy days!