Sunday, January 13, 2008

DIY: Upholstered Headboard (part 1)

We don't have a 'bed' per-se... just a mattress & box spring with a bed frame. Though there was a point last year where we had just a mattress on the floor*, so this is a definite improvement comparitively. Still, I want a real bed. With a headboard. Like an adult. I recently saw this Tate bed at Crate and Barrel & really liked the neutral color & clean lines. Because buying it would be not only expensive, but way too simple, I decided I am going to make my own version.

I have seen enough diy shows on HGTV and TLC to feel like I can make my own upholstered headboard. I found these instructions from BeJane and it seems manageable. I love how the CB one is upholstered around the mattress too... I'll start with the headboard, but I want something like that too. I think I'll just cover wood planks & put around our existing bed frame. Also, I want ours to go all the way to the ground. Mainly because Frank decided that our box spring was way too nice so has torn off the bottom lining** and has been chewing on the wood planks. So I'd like a nice 'barrier' to deter that behavior.

We'll see how this goes... and of course I'll post updates!

* Our old bed was the one I bought right out of college... an Ikea-ish platform basic piece. It was fine, but had been through 5 moves when we tried to move it to the other bedroom in our old apartment & it decided it had had enough. It never made it to the other room.

** The boys like to run in circles around & under the bed. One day, Frank seemed stuck & was whining for help. When I looked under the bed, I saw a Frank-shaped bulge hanging from the bottom of the box spring. Apparently he had made a hole & climbed on in... and then got stuck. Poor Frank isn't always the brightest...!