Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Craftiness: Drawstring Bag (with flower!)

My (3rd grade) cousin had a cheerleading competition on Sunday (little kids cheering in their matching uniforms = adorable!) so of course I couldn't go empty handed. I thought of bringing flowers, but decided that would be too simple... so out came the sewing machine!

Her team colors are blue & gold, so I made this cute little drawstring bag following these instructions.

Drawstring bag

It needed a little *something* when I was done, so I added a flower using these instructions (which I mentioned before). I used pretty thick felt, so only ended up making 3 petals.

I then filled with Crunch bars, but used white-out to hide the 'C' and the bottom of the 'R'... so it became 'Punch' (Cheerleaders have to 'punch' their moves). Had to pass on some cheerleading tidbits from way back in my high school days!

Drawstring bag