Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Craft It Roundup: Fabric Flowers

I have a cute pattern for a clutch that I bought years ago, but when I last tried to make it, the purse really needed something to make it pop. A fabric flower would be super cute. Rather than getting started and actually making the purse, I instead spent a while researching (i.e. 'googling'!) how to actually make a fabric flower for my yet-un-created purse... enjoy!

(To the Left) WiseCraft's Flower Tutorial

One of the most popular flower tutorials out there, with adorable results. Also check out the Flickr group for tons of beautiful examples!

(In the picture below) Clockwise from the top-left corner:
* Felted Flower (on an adorable purse) from Bets White
* Moniqa's Flowers
* Frayed Flower (so shabby chic!) from Maize's Diary
* Silk Flower (here on a Ring Pillow, but would be cute on anything!)
* A Layered Rose from the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV
* Rose from BurdaStyle
* Pretty Red Flower from BurdaStyle

Fabric Flowers to Make


lorenabr said...

they are great love the flowers