Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babies!

My little munchkins turn 1 today! We have plans for a yummy meal for them*, but they're both having some, um, stomach issues, so we'll wait till that clears up. I'll have pictures of their family 'party' when the time comes, but for now, a walk down memory lane...

Frank & Boozer - 3 months old
Frank & Boozer @ 3mo

Boozer - 3 months old
Boozer @ 3mo

Frank & Boozer - 3 months old
Snuggling @ 3mo old

Frank - 3 months old
Frank @ 3mo

I realize that they're not all that big or old, but look how adorable they were as tiny little puppies! Makes me miss that phase... though I probably wouldn't go back to that time unless they could retain their potty-training skills!

* I bought them some wet dog food for their bday treat & was all excited about it, but two separate people have told me that their dog gets real meat on his birthday. I am such a slacker mom! This could lead to trouble... J will get super jealous if I cook for the dogs and not him!


Joanna Goddard said...

they are SO cute.