Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Screenprinting 101

Silk Screening I've had a random obsession with learning to screenprint for a while now... I do love my Gocco, but I feel like it's cheating somehow- I feel like I should know how to do real screenprinting. This belief is completely unfounded and is probably partially based on the fact that there is no place in my Chicago apartment in which to do it. (Which somehow is part of the allure... J would just love it if I set up a printing shop in our living room... hehe...)

I signed up for a Screenprinting on Fabric class at
Lillstreet Art Center that starts at the end of the month that I'm fired up for, but in the meantime enjoy this "Silk Screening 101" tutorial from Craft Magazine.

In the meantime, here are a couple of tutorials for at-home screenprinting, both using an embroidery hoop as the frame for the screen:

-- CraftGrrl's version using glue to block off the 'negatives'

-- Limon Verde's version using a plastic stencil