Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Shower Activity: Iron-on Appliques

The baby shower I co-hosted this past weekend went fabulously... we enjoyed good food (my contribution was cheese fondue- yum!), good company, and lots of oohing and aahing over the gifts, especially all those tiny clothes!

Baby Shower: Onesie Appliques
Plain onesies on a clothesline

Baby Shower: Onesie Appliques

The main activity was a big hit- decorating onesies. This seems to be a pretty common baby shower event, but I heard lots of compliments on the approach we took... Using this idea from Jordan Ferney, we had guests trace shapes onto different fabrics and iron on their creations. I was seriously amazed by the creativity levels... I had expected everyone to choose a single fabric/ shape, and one guest put her shape on the backside, which started a major trend!

I had the onesies hung up on a clothesline with clothespins, and instructions hung a few places around the room. The 'worktable' had fabric pieces with iron-on interfacing already on the back and a selection of shapes to trace, and an ironing board nearby. I used interfacing which had 2 sticky/tacky sides, and that worked well. If you try this, we quickly learned that you can't have too many pencils or scissors!

Baby Shower: Onesie Appliques
The fonts used to create the shapes all came from look under the 'dingbats' category. The shapes we used (pdf) and the instructions sign (ppt) can be downloaded by clicking on the associated images below.  

Baby Shower: Custom Onesies

Baby Shower: Custom Onesies


ErinBaird said...

The BEST shower activity! So fun to read back through the posts about the shower - you all did such a great job! And it was awesome to have all of that Nicki creativity :) Thanks again (so many months later...)

Sarah Bogaczyk said...

This looks adorable!! will have to see if we can try to fit this in.