Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shower Decor: Felt Garlands

I ended up making both the Felt Garlands and some Table Runners for the baby shower I co-hosted this past weekend and was so happy with how it turned out! You can see a table runner below and the other one in a picture from Monday's post.

Felt Garland
The garland hung above the kitchen island, where we had the candy bar set up

The garland was super easy to make... I cut three differently sized circles out of three colors of felt and then just fed them one-by-one through the sewing machine. It was such a satisfying project to sew... very little time needed and you had a super long garland created!

Felt Garland

Felt Garland

The carnation balls didn't end up happening this time - I couldnt find wet foam spheres anywhere and the ones I ordered online didn't come in time. But now I have a project for my sister's bachelorette party decorations this summer! :)