Friday, December 10, 2010

Best I've Read (this week)

Each week I come across so much online each week that I can't wait to to share... so I'm not! (waiting, that is...) 

Here are some online goodies that made me happy as I stumbled across them this week... hope they make you happy  too!
* Crafty Gift Guide. 'Cause we all know you can never have enough projects going on at once
* Beautiful Gift Wrapping closet... who has room for this?! Ah, we can dream...
* Loving these holiday ideas: 2D Tree of Lights (amazing how something simple can be so pretty!) and the trend in Potted Christmas Trees (found via Little Green Notebook)
* DIY Foot Balm - great gift idea, even if just for yourself

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Jenn said...

Those 2D lights are awesome .... thanks for the suggestions. Will be checking those links now :)