Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inspiration E-Zine

I'm sure this will be all over the interweb today, as I'm not the only one who adored the first edition, but edition 2 of Design for Mankind's "Inspiration" e-zine is available now!

I've always been one to cut things out of magazines I like, though most cuttings are stored neatly in my little filing folders, so I don't see them much. J and I recently started Inspiration Boards in our bedroom- out where we can see them & be reminded every day... plus supposedly by putting your dreams/ desires out into the world, you're more likely to go after & get them!

Even if you don't read through it in detail, you should take a look- the photography & layouts are gorgeous, and love the hand-written notes! But you really should read it. It's full of info on what some amazing artists/designers use for inspiration.... and is sure to inspire you too!