Monday, February 18, 2008

Tea Party: centerpieces

My mom & her friends are hosting a bridal shower for the daughter of a family friend this summer & the theme is a Tea Party. This seems to be a common theme among the group- I had a 'tea party' shower & we threw the same theme for another family friend's new daughter-in-law.

It really is such a good theme that I can see why it keeps coming up... who doesn't like a tea party!? Most of us all played 'tea party' growing up (I had a fabulous Peter Rabbit tea set, shown to the right!) & weddings are really like a big dress up party, so it seems to fit perfectly

So, I recently appointed myself decorator for the shower. Not that they need my help- my mom has great taste, as do her friends. But I like planning things and don't have any events of my own coming up, so they'll have to deal with me! Of course, once you start cruising the internet for ideas, they can be found in droves, so this is the first of many Tea-related posts (the party isnt until the summer, so we have plenty of time!).

Of course, Martha has amazing ideas. (I could spend days on that website alone. Seriously. Is that normal?!) The one I am absolutely smitten with is the idea of using tea tins as centerpieces. How gorgeous are these arrangements?

Of course, my mom asked the completely logical question of where we would get vintage tea tins. Ebay has lots but they're a bit pricey, especially if you want to do a grouping of several tins, like the pictures above. I'm going to try some flea markets to see if I have any luck... I'll let you know how it goes!