Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Helvetica the movie

Helvetica in LetterpressI realize that all other true artsy types probably all already know about this movie and have seen it, but I recently stumbled upon Helvetica the Movie (via Design is Everywhere) & am super pumped to see it.

I realize I must be a huge nerd of some sort to think that a movie about a font sounds so amazing. This will definitely be a solo watching... I can't imagine there is anything I could do to get J to watch this!

Plus it is perfect - I've been thinking about trying to pointedly work to increase my graphic design knowledge - I semi regret that I didn't study it back in college, so am gonna try & make up for it on my own. With all my business/ product dreams, it would probably be good for me to have some more knowledge about what works & why (rather than just relying on what I like or 'feels' right to me). I have been researching the must-read books & such to help educate myself, so this movie is officially added to the sylabus! ;)

If anyone has good suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them!