Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Loving It: Maramiki

I mentioned a while ago that I was taking a Screenprinting class at Lill Street Art Center. While it was really neat to learn how to screenprint (though I think the Gocco has spoiled me... 'true' screenprinting is just so much more work! hehe...), part of what was fun was getting to meet other crafty/ artsy types.

So in this class I met Mara, who draws the most amazing things. I was initially blown away by her 'stencils' in class - seriously, she came up with the cutest things with only scissors & contact paper! - but the products she is now creating are amazing.

I have a couple items shown here, but visit her shop on etsy to see everything she has created: maramiki.etsy.com. She draws everything by hand, and then screenprints her designs onto fabric, which she sews into various items.

Her shop has only been open for a little bit, but already she had had quite a bit of business & buzz... and now she just got accepted as a vendor at Renegade Chicago! So excited for her... plus excited for me, since I get to help man her booth! Hopefully one day I'll be selling my own stuff, but it will be fun to be a part of the experience!


maramiki said...

Hi Nicole - thanks for the mention! I can't wait for Renegade, I need to get my screens and gocco machine fired up. See you soon!