Thursday, July 31, 2008


Boozer has this bizarre love of milk. If you leave a cup/ bowl with milk in it anywhere near someplace he can reach, you are sure to lose some of it. So last night J had the carton of milk out & accidentally left it on a side table (with the top on!) while he ran upstairs to grab something. We hear a strange noise coming from downstairs... never a good sign with 2 dogs!.. and this is what we found*:

Boozer Loves Milk

Boozer Loves MilkNo idea how he got the top off, and the carton was empty. He does look like he is heaven! In honor of Cute Overload & their COXCU (cute overload extreme close-up) shots, check out that tongue! He even had a reverse milk 'mustache' on his chin, but I couldnt get a good shot.

Yes, I know that milk isn't really good for dogs & that most are lactose intolerant. We certainly didn't intend to give him milk... and aside from a slight case of the runs this morning, he seems to have survived ok.

*So my first instinct when seeing this was to.... run back upstairs & get my camera. No, not stop him. Gee, I am gonna be an awesome mom one day! ;)