Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gorgeous Word Art

Over the summer my husband took me to the newly-opened Wit Hotel for our anniversary. The place has amazing decor, and its a Doubletree, so isn't crazy-expensive. Our room had this amazing collection of ambigrams by John Langdon up as artwork.
An ambigram - featured prominently in the novel Angels & Demons - is a word that can be read from different angles, like or MOW or NOON that can be turned through 180 degrees and still be read as the same words. I love gorgeous lettering, so of course couldn't resist these!

You can see more examples of his work on his website (he makes custom ones for couples - how cool for a wedding instead of a custom monogram!)... but for now enjoy these (super-rough, from my phone) closeup pics of some of the items in our room!

Wit Hotel Artwork - Syzygy

Wit Hotel Artwork - Philosophy, Art & Science

Wit Hotel Artwork - Reflect