Monday, November 9, 2009

Host(ess) Idea - Dress Up your Wine

Its getting to be that time of year... you know what I mean - we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet, and the stores are all brimming with visions of holiday cheer! One thing that comes up again & again this time of year is the holiday party... but what to bring the host/ hostess?!

Of course a bottle of wine (or champagne!) is always nice, but it needs a little something special to make it stand out... and so it doesn't look as though you stopped by the liquor store on your way over (even if you did). I love this idea, found last year:

Originally from 2Modern, this item is no longer available, but would be pretty easy to make either using fabric scraps or old/ secondhand items from a thrift store. How cute would it be to use an old holiday sweater?! I think I'm gonna try & whip up a few of these... I'll let you know how it goes!