Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanging Planters - Bring my herb garden indoors!

Sky PlanterOver the summer I did a bit of gardening... we bought our first home last winter & come spring I was itching to make the most of our new (tiny) yard! First up on the garden's 'must have' list was lots of herbs: I've heard that they're super easy to grow (a must!), plus I'd love to cook more and use fresh herbs. I always hate buying fresh herbs at the grocery store - I never cook enough to use everything I buy before it goes bad & I hate feeling like I wasted it. So growing was the perfect solution: each time I needed herbs, I just ran out back to cut some. (Yes, I felt sooo very cool and often made a production of the whole thing. :)

So now that winter is coming, I'm playing with the idea of moving the herb garden indoors. Our kitchen doesn't get much natural light so I don't know how well any plants would fare, but I just adore these platers I found over on A Merry Mishap... so modern, yet functional! A grouping would look great and bring a nice shot of green come the gray, cold winter.


Ann Marie said...

what a good idea! love your blog! so many cute and pretty things to look at!