Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supper Club: Do Brunch Instead

At certain times of the year, it can be next to impossible to find a weekend night where a whole group of friends will all be in town and have no plans... this summer was like that with our Supper Club groups and I know that we'll have a similar situation as we get into the holiday season and all the guests, parties, and trips they always entail.

Photo by groovehouse (Flickr)
So what's a Supper Club to do? Meet for Brunch! We recently did this with some friends and it was great - we got to hang out and catch up, and everyone got to have a yummy breakfast to start their day - win-win!

The Menu:

  • Waffles: I used this Martha Stewart recipie - I used (for the second time) the waffle maker we got as a wedding gift... 5 years ago!
  • Waffle Toppings: Strawberries (add some sugar to the fresh berries and let sit for a few hours - this will create a natural syrup - yum!), Caramel Bananas (this was sooo good), Whipped Cream, Butter and Syrup
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage, Bacon, Turkey Bacon... how much meat and the variety will depend on your group
  • Toast, Bagels, etc... one of our friends contributed with some fresh bagels and cream cheese
  • To drink: Coffee, OJ, Mimosas
  • this Martha Stewart
And thats it! It was pretty easy to pull together, but was such a fun, delicious way to start the day.


Jenn said...

That is a great idea -- and looks incredibly delish. It's funny, I end up doing breakfast with my friends a LOT because we're all too busy in the evenings with other stuff. But, breakfast with a friends is a perfect way to start a day, IMHO :)

Nicole said...

I totally agree, Jenn! Brunch is one of my favorite ways to meet up with friends... definitely the best way to start off the day!