Monday, March 3, 2008

Charting Life

I realize that I may just be easily amused, but I came across this graph over at Making it Lovely and couldn't stop laughing. Just try to read the graph legend without singing...! At my day job we do lots of excel & powepoint, always trying to make data look nice and presentable for the client, so maybe that is part of why I am so amused. Definately more interesting than the charts I normally spend my days working on!

It reminded me of a powerpoint presentation that has made the email rounds... it was created by a guy who worked at Boston Consulting Group (where my roommate at the time worked & heard of it) & legend has it was sent to a girlfriend after their breakup. For anyone who has ever had to create these charts for real work, the creativity is hilarious! (There's a version floating around out there with her response too!)

Read this doc on Scribd: Consultant's love life

This added some much-needed sunshine to this very gloomy, wet day in Chicago today... hope it helped your Monday too!