Thursday, September 4, 2008

Craft It Roundup: Pencil Cases

I have been wanting to practice my sewing (so I can graduate from making dog clothes!) so in honor of Back to School, here is a roundup of Pencil Cases you can sew:

Pencil Pouches to Make

Clockwise from the top-left corner:
Linen & Green from
craftlog, Binder Pencil Case from splityarn, Boxy pouch from Three Bears, Felt Pencil Pouch from Martha Stewart, Pencil & Notebook holder from One Red Robin, Pencil Couch from Cut out and Keep

I may not be starting a new school year, but I still can tote my items to work in style!


Paul Pincus said...

graduate from making dog clothes!

i bet my gryffin and granger would be hurt to hear that!


With a Flourish said...

Hehe... doesn't mean that I won't make any more dog clothes... just that hopefully I can sew straight enough lines to make people happy too! :)