Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Craft Show Booth Design

Mara & I are getting together tonight to talk about her booth for Renegade... I think she is partially just being nice by letting me help, but I do adore this sort of thing so am very excited. :) Neither of us has ever designed a booth, so I did what I do best... I went searching the internet for info*! Some of my finds...

An article about cluttered booths
Craft Show 101 via The Switchboards (this article has a great 'what to bring' list too!)
Pictures of Renegade Brooklyn 2008
Building a Craft Show Booth

I'm on the lookout for other great booth pictures, but for now enjoy this fabulous one from Pink Loves Brown

* is it sad that I consider this a skill?!


Anonymous said...

your links are very helpful! thankyou for the time and effort so that you were able to post these! Your booth turned out great!