Friday, September 5, 2008

Loving it: Purple

I have been brainstorming lately about what I want our next home to be like, once we stop renting & buy our first place. The place I will be making our more permanent home. I am so easily swayed & overwhelmed... modern! french! thrift finds! I have design ADD- I can't seem to get my head around an idea I just LOVE and can commit to.

So I was recently reading the latest Domino & J peeked over my shoulder & commented that he liked the room on the page, especially the wall color:

Purple Walls

A light bulb went off - of course, PURPLE! I have always loved Purple... it was the color theme for our wedding & our last apartment had a bright purple accent wall. J refers to it jokingly as my 'signature color' (ala Pink was for Elle Woods in Legally Blonde).

So now I am on the lookout for great purple inspiration. A couple I came across recently:

Purple & Gray
Found on the Container Store's website

Purple Walls
Picture from Chicago interior designer Ann Coyle, found via The SCOOP.